I am so glad you're here. Thank you for merely being here as a witness to the magic that unfolds in yours, mine, and every life. 


I consider astrology and natal charts to be energetic blueprints of our current incarnations, giving us the roadmap to our souls, as well as being energetic meteorologists, letting us see how the Universe influences us.

  By understanding the energies that are at play in our lives, both in the present moment and at our birth, we can empower ourselves to better navigate the fervent waters of our lives.

Work With Me


Lora had provided me spiritual guidance in many forms for the past three years. Oftentimes, she's the best person to talk to when you need a pick-me-up. Astrologically, she's always honest about how to plan according to the stars. She has studied many forms of astrology and understands the ins and outs so you don't need to. She'll often consult both your birth chart and the current Astro climate which is as personal as it gets! Whenever I'm in a rough place she's my go to person. She's so talented spiritually and can tune in when she consults her guides and your guides on what obstacles lie ahead and what is the best course of action for you. Lora is an old soul and with that comes wisdom. Best of all is her relentless optimism. She's a healer that believes in a loving universe and her advice will never put you down. Like attracts like in this world so if you are seeking an astrologer or tarot reader that will be optimistic and also give it to you straight, Lora is your girl!

Recently I was at a crossroads with a job offer for a consulting job and a full time job interview, and I was totally at a loss for what path to take. I asked Lora for help and she listened to my troubles and then gave me a tarot reading to see the best path to take when consulting both my cards and my spirit guides. While I had to get the input of virtually everyone I know, Lora's wisdom was what I needed to ultimately make my decision. She empowered me to make my decision and I'm so happy that I chose the best path for myself with her help.

Lora is pretty astounding when it comes to reading and interpreting the Astro climate. She's very detailed in how the planets are affecting one another and how this will influence you and the people around you for the next few weeks depending on the transits. Luckily, a layman won't quickly get lost in her reading because she always explains it in a way that the most astrologically experienced or inexperienced person can understand. Definitely follow her on Instagram and use her more detailed readings (which will be pages long because she is brilliant like that) as a way to understand how transits will affect your spiritual journey. 

 — Mary Ellen P.