Disclaimer & Policy

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All readings are for entertainment purposes only; and I'll add that there is nothing as entertaining as diving deep into your soul and commencing your healing journey.

I do not take credit to say that any information I provide to you will cure you or heal you of any disease. I am not a Health Care Provider, and my services should not be used in place of seeking medical attention. My readings are not intended to replace medical advice from your doctor, therapist, psychologist, or primary health care provider; any financial advice from your financial advisors; or any legal advice from your lawyers or attorneys. Any information received or advice given is not to be taken as a replacement for therapy or medical advice from a qualified physical health care provider, mental health care provider, financial advisor, or attorney. 

I am not liable for what you with the information or advice I provide to you. You are the driver of your life, and your actions are a result of your decisions or choices to take those actions. 




My general policy is: due to the nature of my services, I do not offer returns or exchanges. Although, if a cancellation is requested within 24 hours of purchase, I’ll consider a return and transfer of the payment. 

My astrology readings are highly intuitive and psychic. I trust and value my psychic insight just as much as I trust and value my astrological knowledge and wisdom. 

Therefore, I usually require both aspects of myself to be present for a reading. And unfortunately, I have not yet mastered my physic insight; I cannot call upon psychic wisdom at the snap of my fingers. While it often comes when I ask it to, sometimes I get psychic blocks that can last for up to quite some time. 

This is why I allot myself 7-10 business days to do a reading. I dedicate myself fully to proving you with the insight your higher self seeks, and if the psychic half isn't there, then I wait patiently for it to come. If it takes longer than 7-10 days business days, I will let you know. And while I do not typically extend a return policy, if this is the case for you, and it is taking and exceedingly long amount of time to complete your reading, I will offer a return. 

And while I do hope that this isn't the case, I do believe that you chose me for a reading for a divine purpose. And if you wish to reconsider getting a refund for your awaited reading, I also do extend the offer to set up a small meditation that will help release whatever blocks may lie energetically between us and be in the way of me receiving the messages the Cosmos have for you. 



If you are struggling financially, and cannot afford a reading, let me know and we can discuss your options, such as trades, payment plans, and discounts, depending upon your circumstances. I know many healers suggest that at times we have to make a financial investment into our healing journeys, but I personally do not believe those investments need to break our bank accounts. Everybody has a right to heal themselves, for we all are our own healers. And I believe that means giving everyone an opportunity to heal themselves. If you feel you need me to guide you on your journey, I am honored, and I don't want money to get in the way of your most divine potential. If you want to talk, you can message me HERE


With love, light, and so much peace, 

Lora Zuanic