December Tarotscope

The tower loves to haunt me, as it’s one of my tarot birth cards (the other being the Chariot). And it called out to me when I was shuffling, but I ignored it, so it decided that it just HAD to come out. Thanks, spirit.

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 10.48.39 PM.png

But first, we have the 7 of Wands. And I especially love the depiction of this card in this deck, the lone flame burning with all others cast aside. In my very first deck, the 7 of Wands was portrayed by a shy girl hiding behind a large and solid tree — insecurity. And in other decks, the imagery is typically a man standing among his opposition trying to stand his ground, but with off footing, struggling to keep his place. But to me, this bright fire shouts: Security! Confidence! Pride! Self esteem! It shows a flame that is able to stand among its “opposition” by lighting itself, by shining brightly. And opposition then turns into others that are cast into the light. Light casts shadows sure, but it also illuminates the way for others to see. So this month, my message to you is to shine brightly in yourself. Do what you love and set your soul aflame. And in doing so, you also illuminate a path for yourself, you connect to spirit, and clearly see what you want to do as well as how you’re supposed to get there. And all else will be shoved into the shadows, out of your way.

But seeing that Tower card, we also have the message of risk! Of leaps of faith! Sometimes we gotta jump and leave all that is no longer serving us behind. This card makes it seem like New Years is coming a bit early this year — we need to be willing to take that risk, to start new, with a fresh perspective, rather than lugging our baggage behind us. We need to leave the past in the past to be able to follow that little light of ours. And that is scary. We humans become attached — attached to possessions, to ideals, to beliefs, to labels, to our perception of reality, our perception of our SELF. We need to rebearth ourselves into a new creation, a new life, just like Earth is rebirthing her self into her new reality. We need to be willing to take that step along with her, and in doing our part, we help her transition as well.

October Tarotscope — Baby Steps

For the past 2 weeks, I’ve been hearing the phrases “labor pains” and “growing pains” from Spirit — an explanation of the external chaos we are perceiving. Truth is, we are birthing ourselves into a new consciousness as we integrate the next dimension into our existence. Earth is experiencing labor pains for the new souls who are awakening to their divine truths. And the lightworkers are experiencing growing pains as Earth stretches her limbs and expands into her next role in the cosmos. Either way it’s painful, as natural disasters cease to strike. And as the collective ego begins to lose its hold on humanity, as it strives to retain its grip on us, we are mentally and emotionally burdened with fear. In our individual moments of darkness, we know what it’s like to face our dark nights, to face the ego, and to try not to surrender to it, to not drown in its lies. And now we face that as one humanity, one consciousness. And every bit of light you allow to enter earth’s core, helps those who are overcome with fear, helps those who believe the negativity and bad habits of our kind are unshakable. Well they are. And we have the power to help. But, before we get overwhelmed, let me introduce to you the theme of October....


As I pulled these cards, I felt our Earth Mother and Cosmic Father rest their hands gently on my shoulder as they whispered into my ears, “You must take baby steps, dear one.” We cannot upheave the world and assume consciousness can flip overnight into a new paradigm. We can not eradicate all fear in the blink of an eye. Not in humanity, and not even within ourselves. We must take baby steps, be GENTLE with ourselves, and trust that as long as we know what we want, and as long as we’re willing to stay true to that path, we will get there, no matter how many obstacles or detours we must face. Two steps backwards and one step forwards is still movement towards our new life. Time and space are not linear, they are multidimensional and complex, and trying to understand the trajectory of the journey is futile. Simply trust yourself and trust that you, and we as one, are supported with each step we take.




The first card is the 3 of Cups. We need to celebrate each other, take stock of all that is good and god, and bask in the positivity that comes with gratitude. Gratitude is a magical, mystical force, that can easily sweep through and unhinge floorboards of past habits, traumas, emotions, and destructive mental concepts. It literally and figuratively wipes the slate clean of any negativity. This card comes as a reminds for us to connect to one another, to remember that we are one, and not feel isolated or separated by the events taking place in the world. We are stronger than fear and the ego. We are capable of so much love, and connection fortifies that love. 

The second card is the 2 of Pentacles. We can’t sit on two chairs at the same time. (Overtime, our bottoms will fall through the space between them!) Look at your options., look at what is laid out before you, and pick something to focus on now. The butterfly shows that this commitment doesn’t necessarily have to be a tattoo on your face. It’s not the be all say all of the Universe. But you just gotta commit at least a little bit, and find some roots in that commitment. Right now, all the chaos is making it hard for us to sit still and to pick a chair to sit on. It’s like we’re playing musical chairs, but in our heads, the music just won’t stop. WE decide when it stops. YOU are the mover and shaker, the god and goddess of your life, your reality, your existence. YOU decide when the music will stop and where you will sit. So don’t let the external perception of some outside unencumbered force tell you when or how you can do something. You need to take the reins in your hands and decide for yourself. And setting those roots will allow you to better connect with the Light and the Earth, to create a solid foundation in your own essence, to better be able to ground love into this world, rather than fear. 

The third card is Temperance. It just takes a little bit of this, a little bit of that, it started with a kiss….. A kiss between the divine masculine and divine feminine that sits at the core of each of us. We are that kiss — that perfect blend of energy. And it’s up to our discretion to know when to flow with the divine feminine, or to stand up to bat with the divine masculine. We don’t need to be so solidified in one half of our core. We are both fire and water, both earth and air, and we need to tune in to our higher self, our innate sense of perfection, to know when and how we should tap into the energies of the Universe in each moment. Be open to change. Be open to balance. And don’t should yourself. Throw that word out of the dictionary. There is no more “I should be more assertive,” or “I should go with the flow more.” Trust yourself to know what energy to embrace in each moment. Trust that it doesn’t exactly matter what energy you use in each moment either. It’s like a paintbrush. Sure you might prefer to use one particular brush for making one particular stroke, but in the end what matters is that the paint gets onto the canvas.