October Tarotscope — Baby Steps

For the past 2 weeks, I’ve been hearing the phrases “labor pains” and “growing pains” from Spirit — an explanation of the external chaos we are perceiving. Truth is, we are birthing ourselves into a new consciousness as we integrate the next dimension into our existence. Earth is experiencing labor pains for the new souls who are awakening to their divine truths. And the lightworkers are experiencing growing pains as Earth stretches her limbs and expands into her next role in the cosmos. Either way it’s painful, as natural disasters cease to strike. And as the collective ego begins to lose its hold on humanity, as it strives to retain its grip on us, we are mentally and emotionally burdened with fear. In our individual moments of darkness, we know what it’s like to face our dark nights, to face the ego, and to try not to surrender to it, to not drown in its lies. And now we face that as one humanity, one consciousness. And every bit of light you allow to enter earth’s core, helps those who are overcome with fear, helps those who believe the negativity and bad habits of our kind are unshakable. Well they are. And we have the power to help. But, before we get overwhelmed, let me introduce to you the theme of October....


As I pulled these cards, I felt our Earth Mother and Cosmic Father rest their hands gently on my shoulder as they whispered into my ears, “You must take baby steps, dear one.” We cannot upheave the world and assume consciousness can flip overnight into a new paradigm. We can not eradicate all fear in the blink of an eye. Not in humanity, and not even within ourselves. We must take baby steps, be GENTLE with ourselves, and trust that as long as we know what we want, and as long as we’re willing to stay true to that path, we will get there, no matter how many obstacles or detours we must face. Two steps backwards and one step forwards is still movement towards our new life. Time and space are not linear, they are multidimensional and complex, and trying to understand the trajectory of the journey is futile. Simply trust yourself and trust that you, and we as one, are supported with each step we take.




The first card is the 3 of Cups. We need to celebrate each other, take stock of all that is good and god, and bask in the positivity that comes with gratitude. Gratitude is a magical, mystical force, that can easily sweep through and unhinge floorboards of past habits, traumas, emotions, and destructive mental concepts. It literally and figuratively wipes the slate clean of any negativity. This card comes as a reminds for us to connect to one another, to remember that we are one, and not feel isolated or separated by the events taking place in the world. We are stronger than fear and the ego. We are capable of so much love, and connection fortifies that love. 

The second card is the 2 of Pentacles. We can’t sit on two chairs at the same time. (Overtime, our bottoms will fall through the space between them!) Look at your options., look at what is laid out before you, and pick something to focus on now. The butterfly shows that this commitment doesn’t necessarily have to be a tattoo on your face. It’s not the be all say all of the Universe. But you just gotta commit at least a little bit, and find some roots in that commitment. Right now, all the chaos is making it hard for us to sit still and to pick a chair to sit on. It’s like we’re playing musical chairs, but in our heads, the music just won’t stop. WE decide when it stops. YOU are the mover and shaker, the god and goddess of your life, your reality, your existence. YOU decide when the music will stop and where you will sit. So don’t let the external perception of some outside unencumbered force tell you when or how you can do something. You need to take the reins in your hands and decide for yourself. And setting those roots will allow you to better connect with the Light and the Earth, to create a solid foundation in your own essence, to better be able to ground love into this world, rather than fear. 

The third card is Temperance. It just takes a little bit of this, a little bit of that, it started with a kiss….. A kiss between the divine masculine and divine feminine that sits at the core of each of us. We are that kiss — that perfect blend of energy. And it’s up to our discretion to know when to flow with the divine feminine, or to stand up to bat with the divine masculine. We don’t need to be so solidified in one half of our core. We are both fire and water, both earth and air, and we need to tune in to our higher self, our innate sense of perfection, to know when and how we should tap into the energies of the Universe in each moment. Be open to change. Be open to balance. And don’t should yourself. Throw that word out of the dictionary. There is no more “I should be more assertive,” or “I should go with the flow more.” Trust yourself to know what energy to embrace in each moment. Trust that it doesn’t exactly matter what energy you use in each moment either. It’s like a paintbrush. Sure you might prefer to use one particular brush for making one particular stroke, but in the end what matters is that the paint gets onto the canvas. 

September Tarotscope — Five of Pentacles

With ALL the crazy that occurred in August, we have grown unsettled, internally chaotic, and perhaps a bit lost regarding our connections to our deepest selves. The eclipses asked us to dig deep within and seek our truest desires, all the while fighting our egos, fighting the futile game of “comparison,” and just flat out struggling with adulating and simply existing in a “normal” and actually do-able way. 

And in the chaos, we have lost touch with the material world, and more importantly how to operate and feel supported in that material world. 

In the first half of the month we were confronted with extreme anger and hate of old paradigms that wanted to be released. But as each side tried to hold on to its own perspective, we faced an internal game of tug-of-war as a mirror of the greater external war on hatred, war on seeking equality amidst white supremacy and racism. We were asked by the divine spirit to stand in our authentic (Leo) truths, and yet we felt the pull of falling in line with what others were saying and expecting of us ― the energy of not necessarily following the herd, but of supporting the herd (Aquarius). To shift us out of this energy, the divine spirit asked us to support each other because we so desperately needed it. First half: doing what we thought was externally expected of us; Second half: doing what our own souls internally expected of ourselves. 

Shift to September, post-crazy, and we’re left a bit out of touch with understanding our individual roles in our 3D lives. So the theme of September that we have is this:

FullSizeRender 106.jpg


Perhaps, we feel isolated from the divine spirit. Perhaps while we came together to fight for all of humanity, we lost touch with the aspect of spirit that fights for us. The 5 of Pentacles, typically, is a card of financial loss and strife. While this isn't the Rider-Waite deck, the traditional imagery is of two poor individuals who are suffering in the snow outside of a church. They don’t feel supported by that which is “supposed” to support them. They are focused on their sense of lack, on their burdens, and are completely disconnected from their own sense of support. 

Perhaps some of us will see a lack of material support this month. Perhaps the bank of abundance will be a little on the slow side, albeit due to our own vibrations. Or perhaps, we will just need to notice how much we don’t feel supported in our lives, in order to be able to shift to a place or frequency where we DO feel supported. 

Not to play the blame game, but how come those two folks are outside of the church caught up in their woes? Why can’t they enter that church? What is preventing them from realizing that spiritual support goes hand in hand with material support? What is preventing you from realizing how much you are divinely loved? Virgo energy can lean towards self-criticism, so it’s important to remember to not be hard on ourselves. Don’t blame yourself for your circumstances. Don’t even blame your frequency. Just realize exactly what it is that you want, and the way to that thing will open itself up to you. Being closed off to opportunity reflects that we are closed off to spiritual support. Remember that you ARE divinely supported and adored. Remember that you are a radiant beam of love and light. And know that any strife or burdens you may face are in no way a reflection of your true self, your soul, or your essence. They are just opportunities for you to check in with yourself to see how you’re currently feelin’ about the Universe’s love for you in that given moment. 


August Tarotscope — The Devil

If you know me personally, you may have noticed that every time I try started a new routine, I only do it once and quit while I’m ahead, never to return to that routine. That being said, here is August Tarot forecast ― which might only see the light of day in this month and this month only. Who knows, maybe it’ll stick! 

What to embrace in this sweltering month of August: The Devil



Surprise surprise since August is ridden with Leo and Virgo energy. Leo embraces the ego in thinking first and foremost of Me, Myself, and I. And Virgo is encompassed in self-criticism and judgement, letting the ego pulverize our self-esteem. Rather than finding the balance between overzealousconfidence and a complete lack of self-esteem,  we are in this month to let go of ALL of that ― we need to abandon both sides of the equation. 

The Devil card shows us how much our addictions have a hold on us. And this can be mental addictions, i.e. negative self-talk and self-sabotaging, or simply put, our emotional, material, and physical addictions.

The purpose of this month for us to is fully release the labels that have consumed our minds ― the silly labels that say, “I’m addicted to _____.” Are you, really now? Who says you’re addicted? Oh right, your EGO. As obscure as it sounds, the easiest way to let go of an addiction or a negative label you have of yourself is just to decide you’re no longer that label. Which is why affirmations are so stinking powerful. Once you shift your thoughts, your frequency shifts, and then your reality shifts. 

Same goes with fear, another energy player in this card. We’re afraid to leave our comfort zones. Who wouldn't be? Comfort is nice, right? Wrong. Comfort is our ego telling us that what we actually want isn't going to meet its standards. Well truth bomb, nothing ever meet’s the ego’s standards. And fear is simply a sign from our higher self telling us that our thoughts our misaligned with our souls. Fear is there to tell us that we have a belief that is out of alignment with who and what we truly are. Recognizing that belief allows us to choose to let go of it, and to choose a new belief that IS in alignment with who and what we truly are, which is unconditional love. 

So this month, when your ego gets ahold of you, and instill fear in your mind, take a deep and clear unbiased look at that fear and really pick it apart to see why it’s affecting you so deeply. Be conscious in the Devil card. Rationally look at the chains that are preventing you from moving on in your life toward the things that you want and excite you. And pick the lock. Heck, you don’t even have to pick it because you already have the key. And the key is your ability to choose otherwise, to choose to exist in a different frequency, in a different reality, and to pursue your highest happiness.