The Hullabaloo on Retrogrades

Life is a multifaceted coin, and in that, as is every aspect of life. Hardly anything is simply black or white, including an ado of astrological energies.

April is teemingly riddled with an array of retrograde planets. And as a part of those retrogrades, there are "harsh" aspects occurring among Venus, Chiron, and Saturn. But it's important to take into consideration the fact that "harsh" is a subjective perspective. All astro energies can be interpreted in many different ways, depending on both the eyes and the heart of the receiver. So we can simply say that "all is" — all is good, all is bad, all is all, and therefore labels such as good and bad lose their relevancy. All simply is. So while there is a heavy square occurring in the stars, how we deal with and embrace that square is entirely up to us as individuals.

But let's go back to the retrogrades first. In order of appearance, we have:

Jupiter | February 5 (23° Libra) — June 9 (13° Libra)

Venus | March 4 (13° Aries) — April 14 (27° Pisces)

Saturn | April 5 (28° Sagittarius) — August 25 (21° Sagittarius)

Mercury | April 9 (5° Taurus) — May 3 (24° Aries)

Pluto | April 19 (19° Capricorn) — September 28 (17° Capricorn)

During Mars rx, last year, I talked extensively, about the actual physical process of that planet’s retrograde movement. For Mars, and the other superior planets, they go retrograde when they are on the far side of Earth (Planet — Earth — Sun) making an opposition to the Sun at some point during their retrograde. And for the inferior planets, Venus and Mars, they go retrograde when they’re between the Sun and Earth (Earth — Planet — Sun) making a conjunction to the Sun during their retrograde. was an incredible website to visually see this happen, but they have since changed their site and now you can’t manually zoom forward and backward in time too much, or see the lunation of each planet on any given day. Welp. But they do have full year videos that you can watch (about 2 minutes long) that allow you to see the movement of the planets in correlation to Earth and Sol.

Now, there’s usually a lot of hullabaloo about retrogrades since many consider them, in particular Mercury, to be times when life falls apart at the seams. And I believe there are 2, among many more, main perceptions about retrogrades, that revolve around the Sun, pun intended. The Sun means a various lot of things, astrologically, one of those things being divine consciousness. Sun… Sol… Soul… the collective SOUL of humanity….  So the Sun has a natural ability to purify and vitalize the energy of other planets. Let’s quickly remark that the light we see of each planet, moon included, is sunlight, being reflected from the Sun, off that planet, reaching our wee eyes. But the Sun is also associated with our egos, craving the spotlight and attention.  And so when a planet is conjunct the Sun, it can be either located on the far side of the Sun or on the near side, depending on the Planet. (Earth — Venus/Mercury — Sun) or (Earth — Sun — Planet)

In a chart, the way most astrologers interpret a Sun-Planet conjunction is that the Sun eclipses the energy of that planet. The Sun is SO big, and SO bright, that anything next to it fails to be noticed. Any planet conjunct the Sun would be “visible” when the Sun is out. But it’s rather hard to see any planets in the sky when theres a big glowing orb next to them, let alone trying to see any star during daylight hours. It just doesn’t happen. So that planet isn’t able to fully express itself. It’s cast off to the side where it goes unnoticed as the Sun takes the stage and shines for all to see. This can cause the energy of that planet to get irritated and lash out, or to bottle itself up and turn immensely inward and not at all express itself in a healthy manner. 

Mercury | inability to communicate and gets irritated when she/he can’t express themselves properly

Venus | bottling one’s feelings in a relationship and not expressing her/his her feelings, and getting angry when other people don’t understand how she/he feels 

Mars | too much bottled up energy that doesn’t have a proper outlet; which can mean someone who treats all of life as a competition or has temper tantrums frequently

Jupiter | spirituality and optimism lack in comparison to the ego; an external authority figure judged this person for their belief system causing the person to lose their own faith or to get irritated when spirituality is discussed 

Saturn | person’s desire to work and be responsible overshadowed by their desire for fun and being center-stage, leading to irritability and frustration when work and responsibility is necessary 

So, a big concept here is that a conjunct planet to the Sun causes some trouble in life. But let’s flip back to that other school of thought. Physically, a planet conjunct the Sun (when it’s on the far side) has ALL of it’s energy pass through the Sun and get purified and vitalized before it reaches Earth. So a person with a sun-planet conjunction has divine solar consciousness affecting that planet, allowing it to be a connection to their Soul and a way they understand their spiritual self. Side note: perhaps it’s through the irritability of the conjunction that they need to heal and thus they better understand their soul through that energy?!… perhaps not. But here goes my point that things are not black and white. A planet conjunct the Sun can manifest so many various ways. And as can a retrograde planet! 

When a planet is retrograde (let’s stick to Mars — Pluto for now), it is on the far side of Earth, being illuminated by the Sun, but not passing through the Sun to get to Earth. And physically speaking, the period during which those planets are retrograde are the times that they are closest to the Earth, having their energy reach Earth faster than when they are direct. So these planets have a stronger pull on Earth. So we can apply the two schools of thought here: either retrogrades are marvelous times because the planet’s energy is stronger, allowing us to better work with it and manifest whatever we want to manifest. Or, since it’s not getting purified by the Sun, harsher aspects of the planet come through and cause a bit of strife. But actually, same goes for Mercury and Venus, when they are retrograde, they are closer to earth, and not going though the Sun to get purified.

So for all of these retrogrades up in the air, you get to decide which school of thought you follow. You get to decide how you’ll let the planetary energies influence you. And most importantly, you get to decide what you do about it.

“It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities” JKR


And the same applies to the “hard” aspects occurring between Venus, Chiron, and Saturn, you choose what you make of it. 

As Venus and Saturn retrograded, they formed a square on the 8th, then Venus stations conjunct Chiron on the 14th, and as Venus moves direct she makes another square to Saturn on the 21st, and as Saturn continues retrograding, he makes a square to Chiron on the 30th. So basically, all of April is riddled with the energies of Venus joining with Chiron and the pair squaring Saturn.

Chiron represents our deepest wounds — the aspects of ourselves that we shun and hide away from, the vulnerable aspects of our selves that our ego's feed off of, the trauma that lives inside of us energetically that we may or may not be aware of. And Venus retrograding and stationing to reach Chiron shows that we are in the midst of healing and rediscovering those lost parts of ourselves. We are opening up to the wounds that we've long forgotten. And we are needing to care for them, to nurture them, and to love those aspects of ourselves.

Venus began retrograding in Aries, indicating a need for intense self love. And now in Pisces, she needs us to find deep profound compassion for ourselves. We need to love ourselves unconditionally. And to do that, we need to love hard on those wounds and vulnerabilities.

And with Saturn at play, we need to ground ourselves in this healing journey. No more bandaids on our emotional and energetic wounds that need serious surgery. No more quick fixes. Pisces and Sagittarius, the current home of these energies, are highly spiritual signs and are encouraging spiritual healing. Chiron, no less, is represented in the stars as the constellation Sagittarius, where Saturn is currently situated.

Before we can progress with the journey of self love so that we can love others, we need to dig deep down into our personal energetic bodies and nurture those parts of us that lost faith. There are dreams you had for yourself that you gave up on. Your inner child had her or his hopes wayyy up high and was ecstatic about the journey ahead. But as you grew, your ego did too, and those hopes died. Your inner child lost faith. And that connection was severed. Not absolutely completely, because you ARE your inner child, and so a fragment of hope will always be burning, but Source is telling me that it's pretty damn bad right now. With Venus soon to go direct and recross into Aries, there is a chance for that inner child to come out and play once more. It's time to heal the wounds and to let them scar over so that you can move past the pain body your ego is thriving off of.

Visually, the image that Source is sharing with me ain't pretty. I see your inner child trembling with fear. Some deeeeep scars are keeping her or him at bay and there is a tremendous amount of healing that needs to take place for that sense of safety and security to be in place. Lots of lower chakra work is needed: Saturn is associated with the Root Chakra, and Venus with the Sacral and Heart Chakras. And earlier this year we have been very much in the upper chakras with Jupiter and Uranus stirring our Third Eye and Throat chakras; we perhaps have neglected those lower chakras more than we anticipated to, and now we're experiencing the repercussions of that. Let go of your need to appear a certain way. Let go of your voice for a quick second, and sit in the silence of your soul. What do you hear?!?! What needs to come out, that you've not giving a chance to??

As much as these retrogrades have various meanings and interpretations, there is another that is applicable. Retrogrades can be a time to turn inwardly and reflect, since they move backwards in the night sky, encourage a pulling back of their energy. Instead of moving forward with the planets' energy, we need to move inward. So do that. Stop trying to externalize your energy, your healing process, the work you need to do. Instead, listen to what your soul is asking of you. You may feel the astro gravity tug and pull at you, but it's up to you to decide where you lay your roots and where you choose to be. No matter what's going on, what's influencing you, whatever is externally impacting you, there is an ecosystem living inside of you and it's up to you to maintain that homeostatic symbiosis. And if you choose to maintain that internal system, to nurture to heal, to give and take where need be, then just about anything you desire can and will flourish.


And on top of all that, the Sun has been making a square to Pluto, and Jupiter will be making a conjunction to the Moon during the Libra Full moon occurring during the late hours of the 10th of April. This will encourage transformation and even further discovery into our shadows and what we need to heal and/or release. While it may be spring, the spring in our step may take a month or two to arrive, after the heavy energies settle down. 

Love, light, and much peace to you,