Lion's Gate | Fire Trine

Yesterday and today, we have a fire trine between the Sun and Venus in Leo and Jupiter in Sagittarius, and Jupiter is currently stationing at about 14.5º and will soon be shifting direct. And if  you are immersed in some of the spiritual online communities, you’ll know that today, August 8th, is referred to as the Lion’s Gate portal, which I just have SO many thoughts and feelings on. I’m here for you with a super long post, so ready to burst some bubbles on the current energies. If you have this here now moment to read this post, sit tight. Otherwise, I’ll be seeing you at a more convenient time.

Let’s get into it!


Most western astrologers will consider this trine, or any trine between Jupiter and Venus a beautiful vibration.

Not me.

In astrology lingo, planets that are conjunct the Sun (between 8 to 17 degrees, orb depends on the planet) are considered “combust” meaning they are agitated, burnt, annoyed, aggressive, etc. That is unless they are less than 0º17’ away from the Sun in which they are “cazimi” or "under the sun beams” meaning they are sharing the Sun’s positive qualities of vitality, love, openness, passion, etc.

Considering this, Venus is in the position of being burnt and agitated and will be until she reaches the point of cazimi. (Venus’ orb of combustion is within 10 degrees of the Sun.) Venus began being combust on July 8th, will reach cazimi from the evening of August 12th to the evening of August 14th, then will be combust again until September 19th. This means that we have a two month long period of being AGITATED in our relationships, feeling unseen, unloved, aggressive towards the people in our lives that we usually love (ring a bell yet?), and annoyed with all things Venus, which of course depends on our individual charts. And we have a two day window of AMAZING love, compassion, and reconciliation before things get antsy again. 

It’s up to us to use the window to our benefit.

Jupiter is a planet that expands everything within its reach. So it’s EXPANDING this agitation. It’s blowing it up out of proportion. Plants are stronger when they are stationed, i.e. when they settle over a degree or two before they shift from direct to retrograde or vice versa. Jupiter’s station is from August 7th to August 14th, with the actual shift direct being on August 11th, & the degree of station being 14º30’ to 14º31’ Sagittarius. So this whole week, we’re inviting Jupiter to shift from taking on subconscious shadow vibes, to awakened conscious vibes. We take all the internal Jupiterian lessons of the past 4 months and this week we begin SLOWLY bringing them to the light and integrating them into our lives. The retrograde period is the time of learning, absorbing, being receptive. And the direct period is for doing, taking action, making changes. So this shift, coinciding with the trine, activates a lot of the agitated energies that have been present for the past month and is giving us a chance to really do something about it, both with the cazimi and with the station direct.

Just for reference, Jupiter can mean a vast amount of things. From the western perspective, it rules expansion, optimism, tolerance, wealth, abundance, luck, prosperity. From the vedic perspective, it rules faith, religion, dogma, beliefs, spirituality, wisdom, knowledge. (Neptune sort of replaces the traditional vedic meanings of Jupiter in western astrology.) And again, depending on where Jupiter is situation and what it rules (two completely different things) in your chart, the meaning of Jupiter for YOU might be slightly different, which is why my advice is always to foster your own relationship with the planetary energies.

And continuing with this train of thought, from the vedic (particularly jaimini) perspective, Jupiter and Venus are enemies. Jupiter is aspecting Venus and influencing it negatively. We may have the ego-driven urges to have money, prosperity, wealth, luxury, to enjoy love and art and all the positive Venusian things right now. But there is a pressure on this desire from our internal religious/spiritual or “humble” or “modest” inner shame-er. We have this inner guilt of “I can’t have abundance because I don’t spiritually deserve it” or “I don’t deserve to be in a healthy relationship because I haven’t been prioritizing my relationship with God.” RING ANY MORE BELLS YET?!

The lesson here and now, is to shift the energy within us. To do the inner healing. To KNOW AND BELIEVE we are inherently worthy of healthy relationships no matter how whole, incomplete, broken, healthy, sick, poor, wealthy, etc we are. And we have this little window from the 12th to 14th to help us take action in the right direction, whether that’s putting out an olive branch with someone who has been annoying us, or offering that branch to our inner self that has been judging and cloaking ourselves with shame.


Jupiter retrograde's passage through my 9th house has had me thinking a lot about my beliefs and the authenticity of so much of what we’re told especially with the internet containing so much free yet perhaps inaccurate information. I’ve seen so many posts on instagram about Lion’s Gate Portal and this morning I began questioning its validity and history. Where did it come from? Who decided that it was an actual thing?

So let’s break it down. Here are some aspects of Lion’s Gate that you may be seeing on the interweb:

— It’s a “portal” or period of time (July 26 - August 12) in Leo season during which the energy is active

— The most potent day is August 8th or 8/8

— It’s related to the heliacal rising of the fixed star Sirius celebrated by the ancient Egyptians

On the internet, I could find no explanation as to why the portal begins on the 26th and ends on the 12th. If we think about it as the heliacal rising of Sirius (the time during which Sirius is conjunct the Sun and invisible to us, and the rising is when Sirius begins being visible in the sky again), then we have something to work off of logically to solve this puzzle. Sirius is a fixed star located at 14º Cancer. During ancient Egyptian times (which for the record are vastly misdocumented by most modern historians) Sirius was not at 14º Cancer. Why is this you ask? Well because we have something called the precession of the equinoxes, which is a fancy way of saying that the Earth wobbles on its axis in slow motion. The "north star” changes and the north pole draws a circle in the heavens over the course of 26000 years. And THIS is why the sidereal and tropical zodiacs are different. The sidereal zodiac is actually aligned with the constellations, and the tropical zodiac, which I and most western astrologers use, is dependent on the seasons and equinoxes. 0º Aries is associated with the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere. Due to the astrological ages, the sign on the horizon on that day isn’t always the very first bit of the constellation of Aries. They matched up around 200 AD, or so some folks say. Again, it’s really hard to tell because the constellations overlap one another. Some are bigger some are smaller and they don’t have exact slices of the sky to which they they correspond. I did some rudimentary calculations, which are portably wrong, but around 3000 BC (some point during egyptian rule), Sirius was most likely at 4º Taurus of the tropical zodiac. And this point is probably moot because the ancient Egyptians didn’t use the tropical zodiac!!! They used the sidereal zodiac which means that for them, as it was and as it should always remain, Sirius is at about 20º Gemini. (I’m not an expect historian, so I may stand corrected.) So for the ancient Egyptians, the heliacal rising of Sirius should have no correspondence to “leo season” as we know it.

However today, the heliacal rising of Sirius IS* during tropical Leo season. But do you celebrate the rising of Sirius? The rising of Sirius for the Egyptians marked the beginning of their year. They had a three season calendar. Flood season was the first. I may be wrong, but most of the people reading this use the Gregorian calendar. Which was installed din the 1500s. But it was based on the Julian calendar, installed in 45BC. These two calendars, though slightly different, are what dictate the 8/8 energy of the Lion’s Gate. Are these calendars associated with the Egyptian calendar?…. Nope. If you follow the astrological calendar then I get how you may be thinking, ha, it’s still there for me. But again, the astrological calendar you may follow is probably based on the TROPICAL zodiac, which is ever changing based on Earth’s wobble. Anyways, sidereal Leo season is currently from August 17 to September 16, which is when the Sun is actually within the constellation of Leo. So the Leo / Lion energies of the “gate” today just don’t make sense. *Another point I want to bring up is the importance of location. Location, location, location! Depending on where you are in the world, the helical rising of Sirius occurs at different times! It can be as early as August 3rd and as late as August 31st, well into tropical Virgo season. The further north you are, the later it rises. Which then just begs the question, why are we celebrating something that isn’t of our culture? If you actually live in Egypt and celebrate the new year with the flood of the Nile, it makes sense to honor the energies of Sirius.

At least with the eclipse portals, there was something actually happening to mark the energy: the Sun and Moon being eclipsed! If you DO believe that there is a current gate or portal to the higher vibrations of consciousness, then I’d love to hear your opinion. But don’t appropriate. If you think there is something magical in the air due to the date of today based on the Gregorian calendar, then by all means, keep doing what you’re doing. But know that the Gregorian calendar has absolutely nothing to do with Sirius. If you believe that we do get energetic downloads from the Sirians during the heliacal rising of Sirius, then honor the Sun’s conjunction with Sirus when it happens, not on a random day after the fact just because the number sounds pretty. When I first had these thoughts before I did my research, the message I got from Spirit was that EVERYDAY is a fuckin portal to higher vibrational consciousness. There is only the present moment. And in each present, in the be here right fucking now moment, you have access to so much magic, to so many light downloads, energy activations, whatever the fuck you want. You don’t need to wait for a fancy day to believe you are capable of receiving and being magic. We’re in a hologram. It’s all made up anyways. Don’t let the illusion of time stop you from doing what you came here to do and be who you came here to be. Okie dokie, rant over.

Just a friendly update, that my books for readings and energy work are currently closed. I’m finishing outstanding readings and then will be traveling. If you want to book a reading with me, you can do beginning on September 16th, aka when the Sun is at 23º Virgo of the tropical zodiac, aka when the Sun is actually near the Lion’s tail, if we’re being specific.