Solar Eclipse Cancer New Moon


1 0 º 3 8 ’ C A N C E R

Today, July 2nd, at 12:15pm pacific, there is a new moon solar eclipse at 10º Cancer. While new moons are typically moments to set intentions for growth, change, and for increasing energies in our lives, eclipses are a bit different. A solar eclipse occurs when the Earth, Moon, and Sun are so aligned that the Moon passes directly in between the Earth and Sun, eclipsing the Sun’s light. The Sun represents our solar consciousness, out awakened energies, our goals and desires, our ego, the 10% of our brain that is active and that we have control over. The Moon represents our lunar subconscious, the 90% of our brain that was programmed during our early childhood that dictates a majority of how our life unfolds, our deep emotions, the needs and wants of our soul, our feelings. And Earth represents our physical incarnations, our human experience. During a solar eclipse, the Moon — our feelings — come between our human experience and our conscious desires. Our souls, our higher selves, or as it feels, the Universe, steps forwards and intervenes on our behalf to realign ourselves with our highest good. And at the end of the day, this is a great thing, because our ego can get a little overwhelmed or overzealous and sometimes we need divine intervention in our lives.


However, this doesn’t necessarily play out or feel like things are changing for the better. As humans, we get strongly attached to our goals and desires. We think we know what’s best for us. And when the Universe / higher selves comes in to redirect us, it feels like we’re being punished, like the things we want are being denied or taken away from us. And so our egos suffer.

Because the eclipses are always conjunct the north and south nodes (the imaginary point of intersection between the Moon’s and Sun’s orbits from the perspective of Earth) there is always karma and dharma involved with eclipses. The north node points to our life purpose, why we came here in the first place. So an eclipse united with the north node, as this solar eclipse is, is in the favor of our karma here, our life purpose. We’re being positively redirected towards our human missions. And likewise, the south node eclipses are for releasing whatever no longer serves our human experiences.

And essentially, for all earthlings, what we all need to embrace right now is emotions!! As my friend so eloquently told me, humans are emotionally constipated beings. We don’t like feeling the full spectrum of emotions available to us. And so we become backed up with unfelt, unprocessed emotions that wreak havoc on all of our bodies, our emotional, physical, spiritual, mental bodies. Unprocessed emotions fester within us. And the sign of Cancer, a cardinal water sign ruled by the moon, is within us to help us with FEELING the emotions of being human. [Important note for astro-newbies, we have ALL the signs in us. All 360 degrees. So we all have Cancer in our charts, in our energetic astro make-up. And we’re all feeling this eclipse no matter what our sun signs are.] Luckily for us, Mercury is about to retrograde in both Leo and Cancer which will hopefully help us articulate and express our emotions and be able to process them in a tangible way. But talking about and actually feeling our emotions are two whole separate things!

A lovely analogy I have for eclipse season is tectonic plates. The north and south node are in each sign for 1.5 years, and during this whole period we feel the shift of energy in our lives on how our current purpose, focus, karma aligns with (or doesn’t align with) our whole life’s purpose. It’s a decently long transit for the nodes to be in a sign for 18 months. These transits are like tectonic plates, slowly shifting below the Earth’s surface with a greater purpose. Earth has transformed over her years from Pangea to the current continents (if you believe science); and as I believe Earth has her own consciousness, these changes have been a part of her karma of being a being-inhabited-planet. However, every once in a while, the adjusting of the tectonic plates results in earthquakes, volcanoes erupting, the whole 9 yards. And that is representative of the eclipses. We have these long term shifts below our feet, but every once in a while, things get really shaken up and explosive. And as we don’t every think earth quakes are happening because of our own humanly actions, it feels like something the Universe is doing to us. And as many of our ancestors believed, eclipses, earthquakes, just about everything out of human power was usually seen as punishment for the human beings. When really, not to be too tactless if you’ve lost a loved one from an earthquake, maybe Earth was thinking with her past quakes, geez it’s getting a little too crowded here, let’s shift the physical human to spiritual human population. All these humans aren’t serving my highest good and I need to realign my physical existence with my purpose as a planet. And for us, the earthquakes come us usually external shifts and changes happening that may appear crude or harsh but really, they’re here to serve a purpose for us. And with this analogy, yes the shifts are happening slowly over time, but sometimes we need a little push and shove to help us embrace the changes, which is why, during eclipse season, we may notice sudden changes taking place that may feel out of the blue, especially if we don’t spend a lot of time paying attention to how we’re growing and evolving.

So, long story short, feel your feels folks!! Embrace the changes and don’t resist. Also, don’t make any major decisions or take any life altering actions at this time, because remember, our ego, our conscious mind, is being blackened out. We can’t listen to that part of our mind right now. And usually the energy is so intense around eclipses, that it’s best to wait several days (ahem, weeks if you can be patient) before venturing forth towards big changes.

Read below for your ascendant sign to see where the eclipses are manifesting for you.

ARIES | axis of life:

private vs public ― karmically release: career, recognition, achievements, public image, authority; karmically embrace: family, mother, home, emotional security, privacy, real-estate

Stop thinking about your career, looking for validation, wanting public recognition, and stop repressing all those emotions. Free yourself from guilt and shame. Now is the time to start focusing on your family, your emotions, your home and the magical world that exists in your heart.

TAURUS | axis of the mind:

knowledge vs wisdom ― karmically release: higher education, spiritual beliefs, philosophy, long distance travel; karmically embrace: communication, expression, siblings, local travel

It may feel like you know all the answers to your life right now, but you don’t. Instead of trying to take life by the reins, let yourself learn and explore new energies because you probably need a piece of the puzzle of your life, and so far you haven’t yet seen or heard about this puzzle. Get exposure to new things!

GEMINI | axis of form:

physical form vs transformation ― karmically release: rebirth, death, loans, taxes, personal transformations, joint finances; karmically embrace: possessions, assets, values, money, self-worth

It’s a time to stop relying on other people for support — this could be financial support, emotional support, intimacy, using other people to boost your own self esteem. It’s time to build your own self-esteem by being more accountable. Emotionally check in with yourself more often. Start taking steps towards being financially independent and relying on your own gifts and talents to support you.

CANCER | axis of identity:

the self vs the other ― karmically release: relationships, business partnerships, & clients; karmically embrace: oneself, the body, path in life, identity, goals, desires

Your relationships may not be serving your highest good right now. And this isn’t just marriage, but how you show up in all of your relationships. Stop thinking about other people and letting them dictate what happens in your life, don’t give away your power. Look within to see what you want for yourself, what your higher self wants for yourself, again, not ego, but rather your soul. Connect to your own desires and goals.

LEO | axis of servitude:

duty to your self vs the world ― karmically release: health, fitness, daily routine, job; karmically embrace: spirituality, charity, isolation, release, confinement, intuition

Though it may be tempting to pay attention to daily life, your routines, your health, your habits, right now, you need to release the patterns that you keep with every day life. Instead, connect to spirit. Meditate more. Spend more time in solitude. Heal your spiritual self, not your physical self.

VIRGO | axis of society:

individuality vs conformity ― karmically release: self-expression, creativity, romance, pleasure, children; karmically embrace: social circles, organizations, groups, teams, hopes & wishes

Right now is not the time to be the center of attention or to be a leader. Life, for the time being, wants you to be a sheep, not the shepherd. Instead of trying to cultivate a following of people who listen to you, or to have everyone to agree with your personal goals of what the group plan is, try to work more with others in a place where you’re all equal. Also, sadly, now is not the time to spend too much time with family, children, or close friends, but rather to cultivate a network of business associates who you’re compatible with.

LIBRA | axis of life:

private vs public ― karmically release: family, mother, home, emotional security, privacy, real-estate; karmically embrace: career, recognition, achievements, public image, authority

Though you may want to may attention to your home, your family, your mother, being a mother, and to disconnect from the rest of the world by being a hermit, now is the time for you to embrace your career, embrace your public image, embrace seeking validation and recognition for how you show up in the world. Think about your legacy and what you’re leaving behind you. Connect emotionally to what you desire in your career path, and pursue shifts and changes that align your career with your emotional goals.

SCORPIO | axis of the mind:

knowledge vs wisdom ― karmically release: communication, expression, siblings, local travel; karmically embrace: higher education, spiritual beliefs, philosophy, long distance travel

It may be tempting now to be a student, to keep learning, to devote your energy to soaking in information. However, now is the time for you to step up in the world and be a teacher. Share your knowledge and wisdom with those following in your footsteps. You’ve already learned enough academically. It’s time to be held accountable as a resource of insight and wisdom yourself.

SAGITTARIUS | axis of form:

physical form vs transformation ― karmically release: possessions, assets, values, money, self-worth; karmically embrace: rebirth, death, loans, taxes, personal transformations, joint finances

You’re often practical and pragmatic when it comes to supporting yourself. You think or feel deep down everyone needs to be financially independent and judge yourself when you’re not financially independent. But now, it’s time to stop trying to control your finances so much. Let yourself be supported by others, financially and emotionally. THere’s nothing wrong with financial dependence, nor with letting others into your heart and being emotionally vulnerable. Intimacy is key for you right now.

CAPRICORN | axis of identity:

the self vs the other ― karmically release: oneself, the body, path in life, identity, goals, desires; karmically embrace: relationships, business partnerships, clients

Sorry Capricorn, but I laughed when it came to your turn. Stop being so self-centered, stop thinking about your own goals, stop focusing on your life plan, and stop ignoring your feelings!!!!! Deep down, you know you want to be nurtured in your relationships, yet you keep your heart in the freezer for fear of being hurt one day. But the time to thaw your heart is nigh. Yes you enter this world alone, and leave it alone, but you come here for the purpose of interacting with other physical human beings!!! You don’t live each and every moment in solitude! Focus on your relationships. Focus on how you show up in life with other people. Let go of trying to accomplish everything on your to do list and start paying attention to the presence that comes from being with other people. Let them into your heart.

AQUARIUS | axis of servitude:

duty to your self vs the world ― karmically release: spirituality, charity, isolation, release, confinement, intuition; karmically embrace: health, fitness, daily routine, job

It’s been habitual for you lately, to mentally check out of your life. Perhaps you’ve been meditating more, connecting to the Universe more, connecting to All-That-Is, the collective Oneness more. However, it’s time to come out of the clouds and pay attention to reality and physical life. You may have a health hiccup, or a work hiccup, so rather than escaping, be present and try to be proactive about taking your health and your work into your own hands, and connect emotionally to what you want in your daily life.

PISCES | axis of society:

individuality vs conformity ― karmically release: social circles, organizations, groups, teams, hopes & wishes; karmically embrace: self-expression, creativity, romance, pleasure, children

It’s time for you to step into a position of leadership. That means no more being a follower, no more letting other people dictate what you’re doing, no more focusing on the prosperity and happiness of other people instead of focusing on your own goals. Spend less energy on building connections, trying to feel like you fit in, focusing on broader societal goals, and instead, pay attention to the things that make you happy, the things that make you uniquely you. And spend more time to close loved ones, less time with coworkers.