"ASCENSION SYMPTOMS" and breaking free of the disempowering matrix

Figuratively raise your hand if you’ve read about ascension or “energy upgrade” symptoms being things like fatigue, body aches, headaches, insomnia, indigestion, etc, and if you’ve had them and felt validated by the posts mentioning what you may feel during these energetic times.

Greetings to you all. This is a very long-winded and weird post. I talk about a lot of different concepts in order to get to my final point, explaining the above concept and the validity of it.

During the full moon I begun have some realizations about our reality and life and I came upon these ideas because I saw myself following the herd and falling victim to the predatory mass mentality that we have had programmed in us since entering this world. And when thinking upon this concept, my mind hops from idea to idea so I hope I can convey to you my own insight and what I feel without it being overly confusing, not that it is confusing, but because I easily forget how to speak. (Especially when speaking vocally, I often forget the words for things, and I’ve begun to have broken english despite speaking it my whole life, but that’s another story.) (I should probably have my brain checked out…)

Before we get into my thoughts, I want assert the immense importance of discernment and thinking for yourself, but even more importantly than thinking, connecting to spirit for yourself. What I speak is my own Truth, based on my own individual perception of the world. Truth is subjective and carries a bias. So don’t blindly believe what I tell you, which so happens to be our lesson for today.

I’ll start with explaining the things I was noticing around the full moon. I’m not typically one to follow media and celebrities. I used to be, perhaps, but I can’t really remember how obsessed if obsessed at all I would be. But around the full moon, I felt this weird urge to start looking up celebrities on social media, to see who follows who, who of the “normal” non celebrity folks I know on instagram have celebrity followers, etc. After a while of doing this, my subconscious woke up and I thought, WTF am I doing and why am I doing it?

It’s already my belief and knowing that “celebrities” are just people, just humans. They aren’t better or worse than us, though media tries to instruct us otherwise. Due to circumstance, opportunity, hard work, and yes due to their astrology, they have come into roles of mass influence. I do think that these roles on a spiritual level contain great significance, because with so many eyes on you, your actions speak volumes. You have great sway. So being a respectable and admirable person, doing good deeds, being an activist, becomes a way for a celebrity to use their position and their circumstance to make positive changes in the world.

BUT, it’s been our human history to idealize these people, to very unhealthy standards. A very dear friend helped shed a lot of light on this, especially in regards to our galactic history. (Shout out to @Ciara.rubin, even though she’s currently on a social media break!) Humans, and taking that even further to earthlings, have had a tendency of putting their power in the hands of others all throughout history. We wanted leaders to direct us, so we put our leaders on a pedestal. We wanted to be leaders, so we gladly accepted those pedestals that were offered to us. In doing so, we set ourselves up for failure time and time again. We put our power in the hands of another. We put our desire for wisdom, truth, insight, transformation, in the hands of another. During the time of Atlantis, we wanted great evolution and Power so we asked for certain people to step up and guide us, and perhaps those people wanted to be the guides and leaders and wanted the recognition and the honor of the pedestal. By putting our power into select hands, ego took over and that power was abused. That power caused poor choices to be made, for truth to be veiled, and for a ginormous collapse of life and society to take place. The leaders during the time of Atlantis wanted to be a Super Power. They wanted to dominate Earth and felt that others would try to step in and take away their power. So they devised a weapon to protect themselves from such invaders. Things backfired, and they ended up destroying themselves.

Deep within our DNA we remembered the repercussions of giving our leaders too much power, and in the moments of life to come, when we felt a leader had too much power, we killed them. In ancient history and in modern history, this happened. We’ve killed ancient Egyptian rules. We killed Jesus, Caesar, Caligula, Claudius, countless Kings of France, England, Russia, and many, many presidents. And I know it's easy to say, "HEY, I didn’t kill Lincoln, and even if I was alive back then, I wouldn’t have killed him, I would have agreed with him!”

I’ve also recently realized an interesting concept about our ancestry and our one-ness as a humanity. Yes we are all one, brothers and sisters, and connected through our spiritual nature. But what I stumbled upon was this: We have ancestors of blood and bone, right? We can trace back our lineage and we have our great great great great to the umpteenth power grandparents watching over us. Our ancestors. Our roots. But it has too been my firm belief since I was a child that we are children of reincarnation. We live many lives, and therefore, have ancestors of spirit, our past/parallel lives living alongside us in different dimensions watching over us as we watch over them. Now just take one of those lives, and think about that person’s lineage, their children, grand children, great to the umpteenth degree grandchildren, the children that exist today of that person’s lineage. Those are our brothers, sisters, cousins of spirit. We are one humanity, people. All inter connected and woven into a grand tapestry of one human lineage.

So, back to Lincoln, you don’t necessarily know if you were there, nor whose side you were on if you were there. Just because we have certain ethical, moral, political, spiritual beliefs in this life, doesn’t mean we hold the same in our parallel lives. Perhaps you didn’t kill Lincoln, perhaps you didn’t want him killed, but we’re still one connected humanity and we are ALL of our past, we hold ALL of our past in our DNA, both the good and the bad. So, suffice it to say, we are all responsible and should be held accountable for humanity’s historical faults.

Going back to leadership and pedestals, WE as participants of humanity, put those people on pedestals and gave them our power, and killed them when we thought they had too much power and we wanted our power back. WE as participants of humanity accepted the roles of being atop those pedestals and did our best with the power that was given to us, and faced the repercussions when we took that power too far.

Backtracking further to celebrities, dear me my thoughts are scattered, we need to take a clear look at how we treat people in power today. So many people today put celebrities on pedestals. We assume they are better than us and look up to them as role models. We idealize them. Obsess over them. And where does this obsession stem from? Why is it that we idealize them, when they’re just humans, just like ourselves?

I don’t know how to transition into this smoothly, so bear with me and hopefully it’ll somehow connect, but it’s a semi-firm belief of mine that there are “demonic” beings, of another dimension, interfering with our reality and infiltrating the current roles of power in society today. Now, I LOVE my rose-colored glasses. I’m a happy go lucky optimist, folks. I’ve never really been one to believe in evil, or satan, or demons. I like the Einstein approach of evil being the absence of God and Good. But in the past week, my rose colored glasses shattered, and I’ve begun becoming aware of and recognizing these demonic energies in our world. I used to think, “evil” or “bad” people lived with an absence of a connection to spirit or God, so they don’t know better. But now I know better, and I can see that they’re being influenced by otherworldly energies, which is likely where the concept of “Satan living in the depths of hell" came to be, these demonic beings want power and are willing to harm in order to take that power from those who have been programmed to be ready and willing to give their power away.

Several days after the full moon, someone on facebook posted about a moon conspiracy theory, and I clicked on it and went down a weird spiral of looking into these demonic energies and how we’re being mind-controlled and brainwashed. At the time of this happening, I freaked out. I began thinking things like, “None of my thoughts are my own because I’m being brainwashed, so I won’t be able to know if my mind is being controlled by these forces or not.” I was mentally stuck in this matrix. And I didn’t realize that on the full moon, when I caught myself looking at and obsessing over the celebrities that I was trying to be controlled but realized it and unlocked the metaphorical door. And it was spirit who has been directing me in the coming week, exposed certain things to my now virgin eyes, bye bye pretty rose glasses….

Just to clarify, I am not saying celebrities are evil. I above mentioned that it’s important to realize the impact each person is making on the world, to be inspired by the people in power who are striving to make a positive difference in the world. BUT, media has a demonic influence over it. People are being mind-controlled through media, mass messages, etc. The sickening obsession of looking a certain way and needed to fit certain criteria to be acceptable by society is this demonic force. We’re being subtly controlled by being told we’re never going to be good enough, never skinny enough, never pretty enough, no matter how hard we try, and so all our energy focuses on these trivialities rather than on focusing on actually making a difference in the world with our actions. We’re giving away our power, yet again.

Anyways, I was freaking out after looking at these conspiracies of being mind controlled. And now with hindsight, I saw that the force was trying to control me with that weird urge of looking up celebrities and thinking about my weight and my physical appearance more so that I usually do. But something clicked and I caught myself. And after looking at these concepts, I truly didn’t know what to believe. I just knew that so much information is out there, it’s impossible to know what is true and what is lies being fed to us. We’re in the 21st century and basically anyone can write anything on the internet. Hello, I’m exhibit A! But there are so many sources of information that it’s impossible to know what’s true just by looking at things that are written for anyone to read. YOU NEED TO CONNECT TO YOUR SPIRIT AND YOUR INTUITION. Because deep down, you KNOW in your blood and bones what is TRUTH and what is LIES.

So essentially I was a mess, I wasn’t connecting to spirit, and I didn’t know what to believe. I didn’t know if I was being controlled by a demonic being or if I was connecting to my ancestors, my spirit guides, GOD, etc. The definition between black and white was blurred and absolutely everything was gray to me.

A couple days later after that, another dear friend posted on facebook about her cousin and how he had fallen victim to an evil entity on the internet that brainwashes children into inflicting self-harm and committing suicide by infiltrating children’s videos on youtube and encrypting horrific messages into the videos. This thing is real. I looked it up, and instantly knew it in my bones that it was true. I recognized the satanic forces. I could see and feel the evil coming from it. Sometimes, these energies are there, and they’re easily recognizable and discernible. But other times, they’re hidden. For the children, they’re hidden and influence them with god-awful consequences and the poor children aren’t able to recognize what is happening. [I’m not going to say its name because it has a very Voldemort-like feel of if you say his name you’ll be cursed. And I don’t want the humans being controlled by this force to be tracked back to me, though I know the force can recognize that I am speaking of it. The force alone can’t influence me, but I’m afraid that the people being controlled by it will.] But my point in bringing this up was that I could suddenly recognize the difference. Spirit showed me this to say “THIS is the force that’s evil and within you, you can feel the different. You can feel deep down what is good and what is bad when it comes to mind-controlling forces.”

ANYWAYS, I’m slowly getting around to my final point. With all the information out there on the internet, it’s so vitally important to see what is true for you and what helps you to live your best life. Now, as members of the social media spiritual community, it’s likely for us to assume that everyone here is “love and light” and that these demonic forces aren’t present in this here community. We’re being taught by the spiritual people in leadership positions that if we focus on the positive with concepts like law of attraction, then we can achieve our goals. The blind “love and light” concept prevents us from seeing the darkness that is present. And I believe I’ve mentioned something similar to this on my platform before in the form of internal darkness, of depression and going into the depths of the suffering of the soul, and how shadow work is an important part of one’s spiritual journey. But now, I see it’s not just about the internal shadow, but the external one, the demonic forces that are co-existing with us. It’s been rumored on the internet that there is a specific publishing company that is being influenced by these forces by teaching these blind concepts to prevent us from seeing the full truth. They want us to follow the love and light and be ignorant to the full spectrum of truth available to us by avoiding such concepts. And I believe it. [Again, I am refraining from mentioning names.]

But parallel to the love and light concept, I’ve been seeing many posts and articles explaining “ascension symptoms” and how getting energy upgrades negatively impacts the physical body. For example, whenever someone mentions that there is a collective portal or upgrade, they’ll also mention that we’re likely to experience body aches, headaches, tiredness, lethargy, fatigue, nausea, upset stomach, indigestion, insomnia, blurred vision, flu-like symptoms, irritability, etc. Logically, I can see how it sort of makes sense — the spiritual body advances faster than the physical body, operating with higher vibrational forces, so the body is slower to respond and can thus feel certain physical constraints and consequences. But after this whole epiphany of mine, I thought, if the spiritual body is advancing, shouldn’t the physical body advance too? Shouldn't we get physical upgrades, become healthier, have more energy? Looking at our galactic history, back when we were more “up-leveled” on the spiritual path, we would live to be many hundreds of years long, and need less food, need less sleep. Many channelings scatter the internet explaining how our galactic brothers and sisters, who are perhaps in “higher dimensional” frames of energy, need hardly any sleep and food. If we are ascending, and heading towards 5th dimensionality, shouldn’t we too have more energy and life force? And I can see the counter argument, of “We’re still in physical 3D reality, so there’s a discrepancy between our spiritual state and our physical state.” But my counter to that is this: Earth remembers the different levels of dimensions, because they all exist within her. During Atlantis, we were in a higher state and could teleport, etc, and Earth is still in the physical state that she is now that she was then. So why is it that we all feel like CRAP when our galactic ancestors didn’t?

Well, I have “my” answer, which you may take if it resonates with you. And if you haven’t guessed it, it’s that we’re being influenced by demonic beings that want to take our power from us. Our thoughts and what we speak to ourselves becomes our reality. WE KNOW THIS. We know the validity of speaking our thoughts into existence. And by reading posts about how ascending makes us feel like crap, we believe it to be true. Because really, we WANT to ascend right? We want to know that we’re evolving and up-leveling on our spiritual path. So physically feeling like crap is a weird twisted confirmation that we’re doing it right, that we’re up-leveling. Or we want to up-level, and we read that ABC are the symptoms of up-leveling, so a facet of our subconscious believes this and therefore makes it a reality, makes us feel like crap so we think we’re ascending. When in reality, IT’S HOLDING US BACK BECAUSE WE FEEL LIKE CRAP! We have less energy, we can’t sleep, and our bodies hurt! ALSO, we may have actual serious health problems, and we associate our physical problems with ascension, and think, “I’m feeling this way because I’m becoming more spiritual,” so we neglect ourselves, and don’t actually consider that something is seriously wrong with us and needs our physical attention and care.

I don’t know who came up with this idea to associate physical bodily problems with spiritual growth but I have a feeling some negative forces were behind it, trying to prevent us from true growth. With what I remember from my Akash — which we ALL have a connection to, we all have a connection to ALL of the wisdom of God and the Universe — it’s that we lived to be longer and we were healthier, dating back to ancient Egypt and beyond. And we’re at that point in the precession of the equinoxes and our human and earthly evolutionary societal growth that we’re out of the dark ages, and we’re heading towards spiritual growth. And like our ancestors of many years past, we should be getting healthier and living longer. SO WHY IS THERE SO MUCH ILLNESS? Why so much cancer? Why so many chronic illnesses, Fibromyalgia, Chrons, Hashimoto's, Endometriosis? So many people are being diagnosed with chronic illness. WHY??? I truly believe it is to hold us back from true growth and from speaking the wisdom of God that we ARE co-creators of this Universe and we don’t need to give our power to anyone. We’re being kept in unhealthy states to prevent ourselves from teaching these absolute truths, because when we come into our own power, we can disempower these demonic forces and truly WAKE UP THE EARTH.

The point of this crazy long random post is to look at and pay attention to what you’re telling yourself, what you’re choosing to believe. Your thoughts become your feelings, and your feelings become your reality. Connect to your soul and ask yourself if the things you choose to look at are disempowering you in any way.