September Tarotscope — Five of Pentacles

With ALL the crazy that occurred in August, we have grown unsettled, internally chaotic, and perhaps a bit lost regarding our connections to our deepest selves. The eclipses asked us to dig deep within and seek our truest desires, all the while fighting our egos, fighting the futile game of “comparison,” and just flat out struggling with adulating and simply existing in a “normal” and actually do-able way. 

And in the chaos, we have lost touch with the material world, and more importantly how to operate and feel supported in that material world. 

In the first half of the month we were confronted with extreme anger and hate of old paradigms that wanted to be released. But as each side tried to hold on to its own perspective, we faced an internal game of tug-of-war as a mirror of the greater external war on hatred, war on seeking equality amidst white supremacy and racism. We were asked by the divine spirit to stand in our authentic (Leo) truths, and yet we felt the pull of falling in line with what others were saying and expecting of us ― the energy of not necessarily following the herd, but of supporting the herd (Aquarius). To shift us out of this energy, the divine spirit asked us to support each other because we so desperately needed it. First half: doing what we thought was externally expected of us; Second half: doing what our own souls internally expected of ourselves. 

Shift to September, post-crazy, and we’re left a bit out of touch with understanding our individual roles in our 3D lives. So the theme of September that we have is this:

FullSizeRender 106.jpg


Perhaps, we feel isolated from the divine spirit. Perhaps while we came together to fight for all of humanity, we lost touch with the aspect of spirit that fights for us. The 5 of Pentacles, typically, is a card of financial loss and strife. While this isn't the Rider-Waite deck, the traditional imagery is of two poor individuals who are suffering in the snow outside of a church. They don’t feel supported by that which is “supposed” to support them. They are focused on their sense of lack, on their burdens, and are completely disconnected from their own sense of support. 

Perhaps some of us will see a lack of material support this month. Perhaps the bank of abundance will be a little on the slow side, albeit due to our own vibrations. Or perhaps, we will just need to notice how much we don’t feel supported in our lives, in order to be able to shift to a place or frequency where we DO feel supported. 

Not to play the blame game, but how come those two folks are outside of the church caught up in their woes? Why can’t they enter that church? What is preventing them from realizing that spiritual support goes hand in hand with material support? What is preventing you from realizing how much you are divinely loved? Virgo energy can lean towards self-criticism, so it’s important to remember to not be hard on ourselves. Don’t blame yourself for your circumstances. Don’t even blame your frequency. Just realize exactly what it is that you want, and the way to that thing will open itself up to you. Being closed off to opportunity reflects that we are closed off to spiritual support. Remember that you ARE divinely supported and adored. Remember that you are a radiant beam of love and light. And know that any strife or burdens you may face are in no way a reflection of your true self, your soul, or your essence. They are just opportunities for you to check in with yourself to see how you’re currently feelin’ about the Universe’s love for you in that given moment.