August Tarotscope — The Devil

If you know me personally, you may have noticed that every time I try started a new routine, I only do it once and quit while I’m ahead, never to return to that routine. That being said, here is August Tarot forecast ― which might only see the light of day in this month and this month only. Who knows, maybe it’ll stick! 

What to embrace in this sweltering month of August: The Devil



Surprise surprise since August is ridden with Leo and Virgo energy. Leo embraces the ego in thinking first and foremost of Me, Myself, and I. And Virgo is encompassed in self-criticism and judgement, letting the ego pulverize our self-esteem. Rather than finding the balance between overzealousconfidence and a complete lack of self-esteem,  we are in this month to let go of ALL of that ― we need to abandon both sides of the equation. 

The Devil card shows us how much our addictions have a hold on us. And this can be mental addictions, i.e. negative self-talk and self-sabotaging, or simply put, our emotional, material, and physical addictions.

The purpose of this month for us to is fully release the labels that have consumed our minds ― the silly labels that say, “I’m addicted to _____.” Are you, really now? Who says you’re addicted? Oh right, your EGO. As obscure as it sounds, the easiest way to let go of an addiction or a negative label you have of yourself is just to decide you’re no longer that label. Which is why affirmations are so stinking powerful. Once you shift your thoughts, your frequency shifts, and then your reality shifts. 

Same goes with fear, another energy player in this card. We’re afraid to leave our comfort zones. Who wouldn't be? Comfort is nice, right? Wrong. Comfort is our ego telling us that what we actually want isn't going to meet its standards. Well truth bomb, nothing ever meet’s the ego’s standards. And fear is simply a sign from our higher self telling us that our thoughts our misaligned with our souls. Fear is there to tell us that we have a belief that is out of alignment with who and what we truly are. Recognizing that belief allows us to choose to let go of it, and to choose a new belief that IS in alignment with who and what we truly are, which is unconditional love. 

So this month, when your ego gets ahold of you, and instill fear in your mind, take a deep and clear unbiased look at that fear and really pick it apart to see why it’s affecting you so deeply. Be conscious in the Devil card. Rationally look at the chains that are preventing you from moving on in your life toward the things that you want and excite you. And pick the lock. Heck, you don’t even have to pick it because you already have the key. And the key is your ability to choose otherwise, to choose to exist in a different frequency, in a different reality, and to pursue your highest happiness.