Lion's Gate | Fire Trine

Yesterday and today, we have a fire trine between the Sun and Venus in Leo and Jupiter in Sagittarius, and Jupiter is currently stationing at about 14.5º and will soon be shifting direct. And if  you are immersed in some of the spiritual online communities, you’ll know that today, August 8th, is referred to as the Lion’s Gate portal, which I just have SO many thoughts and feelings on. I’m here for you with a super long post, so ready to burst some bubbles on the current energies. If you have this here now moment to read this post, sit tight. Otherwise, I’ll be seeing you at a more convenient time.

Let’s get into it!

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Solar Eclipse Cancer New Moon

Today, July 2nd, at 12:15pm pacific, there is a new moon solar eclipse at 10º Cancer. While new moons are typically moments to set intentions for growth, change, and for increasing energies in our lives, eclipses are a bit different. A solar eclipse occurs when the Earth, Moon, and Sun are so aligned that the Moon passes directly in between the Earth and Sun, eclipsing the Sun’s light. The Sun represents our solar consciousness, out awakened energies, our goals and desires, our ego, the 10% of our brain that is active and that we have control over. The Moon represents our lunar subconscious, the 90% of our brain that was programmed during our early childhood that dictates a majority of how our life unfolds, our deep emotions, the needs and wants of our soul, our feelings. And Earth represents our physical incarnations, our human experience. During a solar eclipse, the Moon — our feelings — come between our human experience and our conscious desires. Our souls, our higher selves, or as it feels, the Universe, steps forwards and intervenes on our behalf to realign ourselves with our highest good. And at the end of the day, this is a great thing, because our ego can get a little overwhelmed or overzealous and sometimes we need divine intervention in our lives.

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"ASCENSION SYMPTOMS" and breaking free of the disempowering matrix

Figuratively raise your hand if you’re read about ascension or “energy upgrade” symptoms being things like fatigue, body aches, headaches, insomnia, indigestion, etc, and if you’ve had them and felt validated by the posts mentioning what you may feel during these energetic times.

Greetings to you all. This is a very long-winded and weird post. I talk about a lot of different concepts in order to get to my final point, explaining the above concept and the validity of it.

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Musings on the Leo 0º52' Lunar Eclipse

The full moon lunar eclipse is January 20th, exact at 9:16pm pst, when the Sun and Moon are opposite each other in the signs of Leo (moon) and Aquarius (sun).

What makes this full moon a lunar eclipse is that the Moon’s path on its orbit around the Earth is crossing the Earth’s ecliptic around the Sun, thus aligning the Moon and Sun to paper to be in the same position or opposite of one another exactly in the sky. In our current case with the lunar eclipse, we see the Moon clad in Earth’s shadow. The Sun, with its solar consciousness, is illuminating (or attempting to illuminate) the Moon, but we are putting our own Earthling energy in the way, masking the lunar subconscious that is usually present with full moons. Our 3D reality, our humanity, our somewhat limited perspective is clouding our ability to connect with our higher self, with our soular energy and wisdom. And the message I’m getting right now at this moment is that we can pull ourselves further into our humanity in a positive way by connecting to Earth, to our human ancestry, to being BE-ings of Earth.

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