My Story

I don’t quite remember the first time I was introduced to astrology.  Rather, the beginnings of our relationship together were much like seeing a familiar face of a stranger wherever you went, catching them in different locations, with the friendship developing slowly over time, until the point where the two are inseparable but neither can remember the first time they bumped into each other. 

Now if you know me personally, you know that this isn't too shocking to hear, since my mind is an intenible sieve and my memories are minute grains of sand. But of my few select memories, I bear the instant that I first heard of reincarnation, a strong aspect of my astrological practice, and I both knew it in my bones to be true as well as knowing that time is not linear, nor chronological. As a child, I knew it not necessary to convince the world of this truth, but neither did I know how I would go about doing so if I tried. So I let those beliefs rest inside of me where they remained as mere seeds. And it wasn't till much later that they had the proper environment and conditions to spout into beautiful trees that now root me in my spiritual belief system. 

It was all of those small collisions with the divine that brought me to where I am today. Several years after that initial seed was planted, I began having small psychic premonitions ― nothing drastic or monumental, but enough for me to begin believing that my intuition has power and that I am a psychic being; but again, I didn’t give that much attention and left it to its own devices inside of my self. Before I was drawn or fully emotionally committed to astrology, as a specific spiritual practice or divination form, I was interested in spirit guides, tarot, chakras, and energetic work since my teens. And I’m grateful for that prior part of my journey for I eagerly combine all of my accumulated experience and knowledge to bridge the material world to that of the divine. 

After the flutterings of knowing the general disposition of my star sign, I was re-introduced to Susan Miller’s monthly forecasts by my dear sister.  And Susan is just generous enough to riddle the readings with terms like houses, sectors, trines, and oppositions, with them not necessarily being absolutely necessary to the reader to understand the delicious information they were receiving about the month ahead, but to be just the right amount to entice those of us with a curious mind who don’t like being left out in the dark. 

Upon graduating undergraduate school with a hearty yet not-quite-applicable degree in Hospitality Administration, I was floored with ample time to figure out what the heck I wanted to do with my life. And unfortunately for me, I wanted to be handed that information on a silver platter and I did not want to get my hands and knees dirty out there in the real world, suffering on the path to discovery. Instead, I recalled learning about those then familiar astrological terms, and hoped that cosmic heavens would have an answer for me. 

It was in autumn of 2014 that I truly jumped down the rabbit hole that is astrology and began studying it deeply and thoroughly. But instead of discovering that which I was seeking, a well defined and approachable career path, my studies took me to a richer place where I was able to understand my past, my present, and my future. I uncovered the energies that were affecting me in my late youth and found explanations to the feelings of destitution and depression.  I understood why my present was in a place of stillness and perceived “inactivity.” I could see the steps I needed to take to pave the future I wanted for myself. 

While the framework of astrology is in place, I channel divine messages that cosmos want us to receive. I pick up on certain specific messages and use the principles of astrology to provide structure and background to those messages, so that divine light and insight shines through without being scattered or arbitrary. I’m an intuitive astrologer, and I absolutely love helping people understand themselves better, as well as better understand the energies life is throwing at them at any given moment. I am so grateful for my intuition and my physic skills, no matter how big or small they may be, to help me provide insight to those who seek it. 


Thank you for your presence here. It means the world to me to have you here, virtually by my side, supporting me on my personal journey and allowing me to support you. 


You are the BEST! Seriously. I appreciate you so much! This was such an amazing reading and it really helped explain A LOT. I've had astrological readings before, but the things you discussed have never been mentioned ever. And everything is SO FREAKING ACCURATE! I am just in awe. Thank you so much!

 — Jordan B.