Thank you for your presence here. It means the world to me to have you here, virtually by my side, supporting me on my personal journey and allowing me to support you.


My name is Lora! I am an intuitive astrologer, tarot reader, healer, and herbalist.

My story and adventures with the metaphysical world began in 2009. A mentor of mine introduced me to reading auras, communicating with spirit guides, and reading tarot cards. And I fell in love with and have been studying and practicing astrology since 2013.

I find Astrology to be such an incredible gift given to us from the Universe that allows us to better understand how the world works around us, and how we fit into it all. And I love working with the planets and stars to help empower clients to be able to live their lives more fully known full well of all of their individual gifts and blessings.

I use a combination of traditional western astrology, intuitive astrology, vedic astrology, and a smidgen of human design in my practice. My intuitive gifts are predominately clairvoyance and claircognizance, and they have been incredible tools that I use to be able to clearly see how natal charts embody themselves in individuals.

Alongside astrology, I also do distance energy healings, practice herbalism, read the tarot, and make malas.  When I’m not looking at the stars, I spend my time in the garden working with the plant allies who are tremendous teachers and healers in and of themselves.